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Defining success for organizations and individuals since 2015.

Success requires a mix of strategy and tactics to achieve desired goals and objectives - what those elements spciefically are has been theorized about since the beginning of time.

6S Factor is a consulting firm specializing in management and operational strategy, administrative and training support, logistical and technical assistance, and maximizing returns on all investment: time, money, and energy. Expect customized and tailored support to meet your unique needs and concerns.

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for government

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

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Teaming. Networking.

for individuals

Global Citizenship.



Making effective change by focusing on what is possible rather than on the causes of the problems. Seeking to understand what is working, and amplifying it. Stop what is not working and pivot to something different.


Recognizing the interconnectedness of communities, regions, and the world. Understanding that every person is impacted by the larger forces at work.


Supporting cooperation and collaborative interactions. Believing that more is achieved when individual parts act in a combined effort which produces an effect that is greater than the sum of the parts acting alone.


Understanding how different aspects or parts of a system influence one another within the whole. Cyclical rather than liner cause and effect is targeted and resolved.


Facilitating relationships between people and/or organizations which are mutually beneficial for ALL the participants of the relationship. This is called a “win-win” situation.


Balancing projects within organizations including: the relationships between functional areas, the application of long-range planning to short term implementation, and the development of control systems and feedback loops.


Administrative & Managerial SUPPORT | Organizational MANAGEMENT & Strategic PLANNING | Contracts, Procurement, & Proposal DEVELOPMENT - Government | Contracts, Procurement, & Proposal DEVELOPMENT - B2B | Project MANAGEMENT & VALUATION | Professional TRAINING, COACHING, & MENTORSHIP | Strategic COMMUNICATION & MARKETING | Action RESEARCH & Emergency RESPONSE | Brokering & Facilitation | Finance & Logistics